Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Recent Books That Have Changed the Way I Live

I've been pretty lucky this year to have read some mind-blowing change-the-way-you-live books. I haven't quite done book reviews on them, because honestly, they'd be pages and pages long. I could brag on them all day. However, here's a sneak-peek shortened version, because I just can't keep quiet about them.

The Curated Closet, Anuschka Rees

Great For: finally figuring out your personal style; creating "uniforms" or "signature pieces" which make shopping for new clothes and choosing daily outfits a breeze
Why I Love It In One Sentence: Very detailed book that will help you understand clothes, fashion, and your style better than you ever thought possible.
Good Habits I've Now Started: I'm no longer spending money experimenting with clothing. I know what my staple pieces are (colors, fabrics, cuts, etc.) and know my personal style. It's so easy to spot what is and isn't going to look good on me in the stores.

The Little Book of Skincare, Charlotte Cho

Great For: learning how to take care of your skin and age beautifully; intro to Korean skincare
Why I Love It In One Sentence: Very personable book written to truly help you prioritize and take care of your skin, for your lifetime.
Good Habits I've Now Started: Sunscreen! Lord knows I don't want wrinkles any sooner than I have to, so sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. I also take way better care of my skin because I pay attention to what it tells me it needs (moisturizer, Dr. Jart acne mask, exfoliation, etc.). I've also adopted the 10-step Korean skincare routine because of this book.

7: An Experimental Mutinany Against Excess, Jen Hatmaker

Great For: someone who is overwhelmed by all of their "stuff" and wants to get out of the consumer lifestyle
Why I Love It In One Sentence: A great, spiritual book that will help you take a closer look into your own personal habits, see what you can pair down to, and truly understand how richly blessed you already are.
 Good Habits I've Now Started: Truly thinking before I purchase. So many of Jen's personal stories will pop into my mind as I think about shopping or spending. Do I really need this? Don't I already have 10 purses at home?

Taking Charge of Your Fertility, Toni Weschler

Great For: women of all ages and life stages, but even more specifically women who are wanting a family soon
Why I Love It In One Sentence: This book will educate you like never before to really understand and embrace your body and monthly cycle.
Good Habits I've Now Started: Charting my monthly cycle and paying attention to what my body is telling me. I could go on and on about this book, but basically this book feels like the real health-science class you never got, the one with actual, helpful information. Toni is a master at gently giving information we all wish we knew, and demystifying the female cycle.

Each one of these books has changed the way I think and live. Have you read any of these? What are your thoughts? I hope they are as powerful for you!

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