Thursday, May 18, 2017

Kensington Palace & Hampton Court Palace in London, England

I want to finish out my London trip series with two very special palaces.. Kensington Palace and Hampton Court Palace.

Us in front of Hampton Court Palace
Touring these royal palaces was an absolute thrill for me. I could totally imagine myself back in time, visiting as a guest of the monarchy. It was surreal to be able to walk the halls where Queen Victoria would have walked, or look over the gardens as Anne Boleyn would have.

We first toured Hampton Court, most famously known as the home of Henry the VIII (the one with 6 wives, remember him?). I totally loved it. It was opulent, glamorous, and absolutely huge!

Great Hall in Hampton Court Palace
Hampton Court is a huge palace, with extensive grounds. Beyond the gardens, they have wildlife, so we got to see some deer roaming around. Just stunning!

Hampton Court Palace Gardens
We spent the whole day at Hampton Court, had a wonderful lunch, and then headed back into London for the evening.

On a different day, Daniel and I went to Kensington Palace. It's right in the city of London, and an easy walk with the Tube. My favorite part of this palace was how close it was to the parks- Hyde Park and Kensington Park. It felt like a quiet retreat, right in the heart of the city.

Front gate of Kensington Palace
Rear view of Kensington Palace, and parks beyond
The palace was stunning. It is most famous for being the home of QueenVictoria, as she lived here most of her life. Her statue sits out behind the palace (my photos, above and below). After our self-guided tour, we had a wonderful lunch in the cafe, and I purchased some Royal Palace china in a tea set for myself. Yay!

Overall, I loved our days at the palaces. I would go back in a heartbeat. I could tour them over and over again. Next trip, I'd love to visit Kew Palace and Gardens, and in August (the only month it's open) Buckingham Palace.

I loved every moment of our London trip, and long to go back.

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