Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Shower for Baby Alice

Last week, I helped host a baby shower for one of the girls at work. She is due mid-September and is naming her sweet little girl, Alice. Adorable!

We served chicken salad croissants (a baby shower staple!), fruit, pita chips, and some delicious cake from Publix. Publix totally knows how to do cake!

We also put together a raspberry lemonade punch. I used a can of frozen pink lemonade, a 2-liter of Sprite and a carton of raspberry sherbet. It actually tasted pretty darn good for my first time making punch!

I mixed together the frozen pink lemonade with water, according to the package instructions. Then added the 2-liter bottle of Sprite to the pink lemonade, in a large pitcher. Once combined, I poured half of the lemonade/soda mixture into a large punch bowl. Then, I scooped out half of the sherbet and added to the punch bowl. Give it a good stir and you're good to go! As people drink the punch, feel free to add in your other half of lemonade/soda mixture and more sherbet.

Baby Alice got some super cute outfits, but she will also have a handmade quilt from me! I used a tutorial I found on Pinterest for this triangle baby quilt. I got all the appropriate ohh's and ahh's over it. Score! (That's me to the right.)

The last element of the baby shower I helped throw together was a baby trivia game. Let me tell you, it was super fun! No lame shower games here! I wanted a competitive style game, as the mom-to-be loves a challenge. I searched around and put together my own version of "Are you smarter than our mom-to-be?". It was hilarious to watch the women at the shower (ladies of all ages and life stages) fight over and laugh over what the correct answers were.

If you'd like to use this game at your next shower, feel free to use the questions and answer sheets below:

Hostess Questions with Answers 
Guest Answer Sheets

Hope these photos and ideas inspire you for your next shower!

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