Monday, May 2, 2016

Coconut Iced Coffee

Summer is official here! Well, at least it is here in Florida. The temps have reached over 90 degrees, so I know one thing I just have to have this time of year- coconut iced coffee!

Here is how I make mine at home!

Large bowls (2)
Measuring cups and spoons
Fine mesh strainer 
1 1/2 c Ground coffee
3/4 c Coconut flakes
Plastic wrap
Large pitcher or large mason jars

First, you will want to toast your coconut. Measure out 3/4ths of a cup of the coconut flakes into a warm skillet. No oil or cooking spray needed. 

Toast until fragrant and browned. Yum! I totally "taste tested" a few pieces here. Tastes like candy! 

Once browned, remove from heat and cool completely. That should only take 10-15 mins or so. It will cool quickly. 

In a very large bowl, scoop out 1 1/2 cups of coffee grounds. 

Using a large liquid measuring cup, measure out 8 cups of water, and carefully pour on top of ground coffee. 

Using a large spoon, gently pat the surface of the water/coffee mix, to submerge all the coffee grounds. You want all the grounds to get wet, but you don't want to stir the mixture. 

Here's what we are going for: 

Then, time to add your coconut! By now, it should be all cooled down. Add coconut flakes to coffee mixture, and "pat down" to combine and submerge. 

Cover with plastic wrap and let sit several hours. 

When your coffee is done steeping, we need to strain everything. You'll use your cheesecloth and fine mesh strainer for that. 

Position the fine mesh strainer over a large bowl. Cut cheesecloth and place over strainer. 

Carefully pour the steeped coconut coffee through the cheesecloth and fine mesh strainer, to separate out the liquid from the grounds and coconut flakes. 

Feel free to filter a second time, if you feel pieces slipped through. 

Otherwise, pour your filtered coffee into a large pitcher or two large mason jars. Fill 2/3rds full, then top off with water. This will help the coffee not be so concentrated. We're going for flavored coffee, not something super strong like espresso.  

Store in fridge for up to two weeks- not that it will last you that long! 

When ready to sip, pour over ice, add your sweetener and creamer of choice, and enjoy!

Printable Recipe

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