Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My heart in Dallas

Last fall, Daniel and I went on a whirl-wind vacation to Texas. We saw so much in just four short days! And now almost six months later, I finally get to tell you about it!

I've been wanting to go to Texas ever since I met my husband. Daniel grew up in the suburbs of Dallas, and has always referred to himself as a Texas man. About a year ago, we talked about what would it look like if we went to a Dallas Cowboys game- in Dallas?! What a bucket list item! 

So, we knew early on that our main focus of this trip was to go to a professional football game, but since we were already there, we tacked on a few side trips. Other than exploring downtown Dallas, we went back to Daniel's hometown and saw the house where he grew up. We drove to Waco and Round Top, and then flew out of Houston. 

I'll divide up the trip into a few blog posts, so you get a real feel for our trip. So, here we go! 

Bright and early Saturday morning we flew from Orlando, Florida to Dallas, Texas. We got into Dallas around lunchtime, grabbed our bags and the rental car, and were off! 

We had lunch in downtown Dallas at a place called Chop House Burgers. So yummy! 

We then took in the sights of Pioneer Plaza, Founders Plaza, and the BIG signs. #DallasBIG

Pioneer Plaza was definitely my favorite with all the cattle statues. They were HUGE! Looking at all the majestic cattle and cowboys, will take you back to another time. 

One thing that was surprising after walking around all afternoon, was how hot it was. Ok, ok, I know, I'm a Florida native, I should be used to the heat. But Texas heat was wayyy different! It was like there were no clouds at all. It felt like the sun was a lot closer to you, and the heat was stifling (even in late September). I could just feel my skin burning immediately. 

In any case, after an afternoon of sightseeing, we were ready to check into our hotel and chill. We took a little break, freshened up for the evening, and then took a 30 min drive north to visit Daniel's hometown of Carrollton, Texas. 

It was so cute to see him recognize different neighborhoods, intersections, and landmarks. Daniel's childhood was really special to him, so it was wonderful to experience this with him. 

After a long day of flying, sightseeing, and experiencing the Texas heat, we were ready for a goodnight's sleep. Besides, we had a Cowboys game to go to in the morning! Arlington, Texas, here we come! 

Three things I liked most about Dallas: 
1) Finally experiencing Texas and Dallas! So excited to check that off my bucket list! 
2) Walking through childhood memories with my husband, by visiting his hometown. 
3) The cattle statues at Pioneer Plaza. 

Three things I was most surprised about: 
1) Highways, highways, highways! There are so many highways in the Dallas area. The highway system is their main roads. No county or state roads, or large intersections. Everything is run on a spoke-wheel highway system. 
2) How much of Dallas is actually a metropolis. Downtown Dallas really was a downtown. It wasn't a tourist city at all. I have no idea why that realization hit once I was there. 
3) How all the buildings in the suburbs are red/brown brick. Every home! Full strip mall shopping plazas! Everything! Just like Florida has all stucco homes, Texas (at least East Texas) has brick homes.

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