Monday, August 24, 2015

The First Sightings of Fall

With back to school underway and the month of August almost up, I feel like I'm getting the first glimpse into fall.

Each year, there are a few things that really get me into the autumn spirit. 

1) First and foremost is the return of football season. Unfolding my Cowboys flag and proudly hanging it in front of the house, lets me know fall is in the air. 

2) My September Southern Living arrives. Each September, they have a stunning  apple treat on the front cover. I just love apples (they remind me of my mom and childhood), so this issue in particular, inspires me to grab my apron and head to the kitchen.  

3) Pumpkin spice everything. Yep, you knew this was gonna make the list. This year though, I want to challenge myself to actually make my own pumpkin spice treats- coffee syrup (pictured above), muffins, breads, donut holes, etc. There's just nothing better than homemade. 

4) Pulling out my cute fall clothes. Boots, scarves, skinny jeans, goldenrod, maroon, and deep purple colored tops. I just love the colors of fall when it comes to fashion. By this time of year, I am all too happy to put away the bathing suits and swim coverups. 

5) Fall candles. Apple candles, pumpkin candles, spice candles, you name it, I want it. I stock up at the Yankee Candle Outlet in the summer for wonderful scents to last me through the end of the year. 

What are some of your fun, fall rituals? Is it making a much-loved fall dinner that makes you feel like autumn? Chicken chili anyone? Or is it prepping for game day? Or maybe just a wonderful seasonal cup of coffee. 

Here's to a great start of fall 2015! 

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