Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Furniture Finds - Before & After Photos

Around Easter weekend (early April) I found these two furniture pieces left for nothing on the side of the road. One of our neighbors was cleaning things out and just didn't want them anymore. Fortunately for me, she let me take them! I shared some of that experience here.

I've been busy the past few weeks refinishing them and giving them a new life. It was a TON of work, but I think they turned out great!

What do you think?

I painted this piece a slate blue using chalk paint, and distressed it some before sealing. 

We replaced the backing with white bead board, and created two new shelves using stained wood. 

Because all the drawer hardware wasn't there, I had to replace all the pulls. I went with a country-style drawer bin pull. For the secretary knob, unfortunately we couldn't save the lock and lock set. I choose a chunky crystal knob for a girly look. 

And lastly, we feathered in a piece of wood on the bottom left of the trimming that was missing. (See before photo for the missing piece.)

With this 1950's ladies dresser, it was looking really rough. 
Most of it was in parts when I first saw it, so it took a bit of imagination to work on this one. 

After doing research, I realized I wanted to keep that same light cream color for the base of the dresser. I made it my own by staining the wood on top a dark espresso color. 

I kept all the original hardware, just stripped away layers of old gold paint. 

I just absolutely love this piece now. 
Every time I walk past it in our guest bedroom, I am just in awe of the detail and craftsmanship from the '50's. It feels feminine and new now. Gorgeous! 

How do you think they turned out? What would you like to see me refinish next?

 photo AEE9CDC010348191FC652CBA68E0D666_zps1c1578b9.png

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  1. You are so talented! I am OBSESSED with the dresser :)