Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Our Master Bath Remodel: Before & After

This master bathroom has undergone such a transformation, that even two months later, it's still a bit of a shock.

If anything in the house needed to get done, it was this room! We are so grateful to God for providing the means to fix our bathroom. The mold and moisture was so bad, we stopped using it about a month before demo. You'll see what I mean in a minute.

Over the years, I tried to do a couple quick fixes, including removing the shower door and painting. I also revamped the cabinets, like you see in the rest of the house.

Here's two shots of the bathroom right before we moved all our stuff out for demo. 
Ugly and ugly.

The shower is absolutely disgusting. 
There were more close- up photos that made it look worse, 
but I can't even post those for you, it's that bad.

Let's get into some demo photos...

They removed that old shower tile in like 30 mins. It felt so rewarding seeing that go!

Removing the old floor tile, however, did not go as quickly. 
The concrete and grout they used, was on really thick! It took several different jackhammers to remove! 
And then, they found old vinyl flooring underneath! 

Here we are making some progress! Wohoo! 
The floor tile is down and the shower wall tile is coming together nicely! 


After close to a week, we finally had a beautiful working bathroom!

Things I've learned from Bathroom Remodels:

  • Be willing to be flexible. So many components didn't pan out like I had hoped they would during this process. From little things like shower fixtures not fitting with piping, to workers working here on the weekends, my motto was "just go with it". The biggest change was that this master shower was supposed to be a large soaking tub, not a shower stall. (If you want more on that story, ask me in person- it's a heart breaker.)
  • Decide on your design ideas well ahead of time, and don't budge! I had been dreaming and researching ideas for years, before we were ever at a place to have the work done. Once the money was ready, I was ready with my ideas too! Oh, and don't let anyone talk you into something else. The tile guys hated the blue paint in both bathrooms, and very much told me so!
  • Take turns with your spouse with overseeing the work. Being cooped up in the house with workers is just flat-out not fun. It's stressful, it's loud, it's dusty, and they ask you questions every half hour. My advice would be to switch off days, on who's being the contractor for the project and staying home that time. 
  • Remove everything and anything yourself. The more demo you can do on your own, the better. I would only recommend this if you've done it yourself before, or are just feeling really confident. My thoughts on this stem from just knowing that workman want to do the job they were paid for, quickly. They will re-tile over old flooring (especially vinyl) all day long. They're not going to take the time to make sure the sub-floor is as smooth as you would. It's not their house.
  • And... just know that you will be the one "finishing". This part I didn't realize, and was pretty shocked after the fact. I think I mentioned this in my kitchen posting, but basically, just know that there will be other fixes you have to do on your own once the major project is done. Touch up painting from where the wall was nicked, buying new items that got ruined in the process (shower caddy, etc), all those little "edits" will be on you. The biggest fix we had to do after the fact, was adjust the new glass shower door in the master. The workman hung it at an angle, in an effort to quickly finish up and leave for the day. I could have lived with it, or what we did, was take the time to adjust over and over again until it was level. Thank goodness my husband is a patient man! 

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