Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Our Kitchen Remodel: Before & After

Our kitchen has finally come out of the '90's! Yay! We recently updated our counter tops and lighting, so I thought I'd give you a look!

Our previous counter tops weren't terrible, but it was pretty obvious that they weren't updated. The cabinets were recently stained, new hardware attached, and sleek black appliances helped make this kitchen beautiful.

Here we are at the stone yard, picking out our counters! 

Below, the faucet I found at Lowe's. 
I didn't like the look of this one online, but discovered in store that this was 
the prettiest and most substantial. 

Above you can see that the old black splash piece, did some damage to the drywall behind. 
I'm going to do a white subway tile back splash this summer, 
so that should hide any imperfections. 
For right now, I've just painted it yellow to match. 

Below, a close-up of the color of our counters.

And here's the grand reveal... 


What do ya think? 

One other project we did a few weeks before the counter install, was update our kitchen lighting. 
Sadly, I don't have a "before" photo on the lighting, but we had two can lights, and a large florescent light. 
Let's just say they were so hideous, they don't deserve a "before" photo. 

Here Daniel installs two identical chandeliers. 
He'll have you know it only took him half a day to install, rather than a full day. 
He's getting so good!! 


Tips on Counter Tops for Next Time...

  • Choose to remove the old counters yourself. The counter top people will already ask you to disconnect the water for the sink, so you'll already be doing some work yourself. Removing it ourselves saved us $200, and about 2 hours off of install time!
  • When removing, use a circular saw and just cut through those big sections! This would only really apply for a kitchen (not a bathroom most likely), and only work on older counters (formica counters). 
  • Realize that they will not reconnect your faucet, garbage disposal, and water. They'll point you in the direction of plumber. You should be able to do it yourself, but realize that it might take a little while. We had to play with it (aka fix minor leaks) for a few days before we got it right. 
  • Choose to select your own faucet. Although it's another chore, picking out the exact faucet you want is so satisfying! I also saved about $100. Letting the counter people pick for you, is more of a convenience thing (hence, the $100 up-charge). Lowe's, Home Depot, and Amazon have great options!


I can't believe how far our home has come! Let's just say, when we bought it, it was a major fixer-upper.

Here's the photos of the kitchen when the house was first listed (June 2012).

Honey oak cabinets with no pulls/knobs. 
Mis-matching appliances. 
Non-working kitchen faucet.
Beige outlets and outlet covers. 
Formica counter tops. 
Lanolium floors.
Can lighting. 

Time to find another house to flip..? :)

 photo AEE9CDC010348191FC652CBA68E0D666_zps1c1578b9.png