Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Our Home is Getting a Make-Over

We are thrilled to be working on phase two of remodeling our home! When we first bought our house in 2012, we changed a lot of things, really fast. We then had to slow down the pace, and in the majority of 2014, we didn't have the means to work on any projects. 

Now, in 2015 God has ushered in a way for us to complete our home to make it beautiful (and functional) for us and for the next family in this home (whenever that may be). If you'd like to hear the (long) story of how that all happened, just ask! I'd love to share! For this blog, though, let's get into some fun photos.

Here's a flashback photo for ya... summer 2012, right when we bought the place!

And... here's a more recent photo. Summer 2014.

Phew! Much better landscaping!

With this 2015 home remodel, we're looking at new bathroom floor and wall tiles, bathroom tubs and faucets, kitchen counter tops, backsplash and lighting, living room and master bedroom paint, removing a tree and trimming the large tree in the front yard. Sounds crazy, huh?

We are so fortunate to be at a place in life to be working on all of these things. Some days I pinch myself, and keep asking "Is this real?".

Although no fun things have happened in the bathrooms yet, we did get a head start with some painting... I posted this sneak peak of the wall color the other day on Instagram. What do you think?

Living Room Before (with swatches painted):

Living Room After:


Wowy wowy!

We were going for "a little more color". hehehe.. Going from white to orange might not have been the best idea. Also, sadly, the bold burnt orange takes away from the large dark wood furniture pieces in the room. 

It's weird- the super large tv wall unit doesn't look that substantial with such a bold color behind. It's like the walls are sucking in all the furniture and becoming the center of attention. 

So... back to square one.

I pulled three new paint colors today. 
Tan, tan, and tan. 

Not only did the burnt orange distract from the furniture pieces, it made it VERY obvious that the rest of our house has a cottage style. Butter yellow, beadboard, painted white furniture. None of that goes with texas orange.

So, I did the smart thing this time and painted some samples right on top of my kitchen walls that are light yellow. Thankfully, any of the options compliment what we already have. Phew!

Looks like we're painting again this weekend! Oy vay!

Keep checking back here, and follow on Instagram, for tons of fun (and quirky) renovation moments to come!  2015, we're so excited for ya!!

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