Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Craft Fair Season is Upon Us

This weekend kicks off craft fair season! Woot woot! 
Central Florida has some pretty amazing events going on, so I thought I'd give you all the details.


Mount Dora: Craft Fair October 25th and 26th

Orlando: Fall Fiesta in the Park November 1st and 2nd

Melbourne: Main Street Fall Festival November 7th through 9th

Oviedo: Great Day in the Country November 8th

Longwood: Arts & Crafts Festival November 22nd and 23rd

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Epcot's International Food & Wine Festival 2014

This Sunday was absolutely gorgeous here in Central Florida! It was just cool enough to tempt us to spend the day outside at Food & Wine Fest.

We are so blessed to have the opportunity to earn free park tickets by volunteering at the Disney running races throughout the year. Saturday we were out late volunteering at the Tower of Terror 10 Miler race at Hollywood Studios, but we got up the next day and headed to Epcot!

While we wore our Cowboys gear, we also saw tons of other NFL fans rockin' their teams! It was neat to spot everyone's different shirts and jerseys. 

Chef Remy came along for the food again this year! :) Although we bought him in Downtown Disney a few years ago, I did spot him in one of the stores in France this year. Check out our adventures from last year at Food and Wine fest here.

This year, we really enjoyed Australia, Craft Beers, Desserts & Champagne, and Hops & Barley. We got a few things at each of these four stops, which all were delicious!

Check out the full line-up of food on Disney's website here.

Cheese sampler

Dessert Trio

Frozen S'mores

Disney always does such a fantastic job with this event! Even though it was our third year in a row going, it was such a nice day out and a delicious event!

I absolutely recommend! :) Enjoy!

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Friday, October 3, 2014

First Friday Book Review: unPHILtered

Title and Author: unPHILtered: The Way I See It by: Phil Robertson, with Mark Schlabach

Release Date: August 2014

Page Length: 224 pages

How I got the Book: Amazon

Find OnlineGoodreads Amazon ChristianBook.com

Description: In Phil Robertson’s #1 New York Times bestseller, Happy, Happy, Happy, we learned about Phil’s colorful past and the wild road to becoming the beloved patriarch of A&E’s smash hit show, Duck Dynasty. Now, he returns to share his philosophy on life, which can be summed up in five short words. Love God, love your neighbor. 

In this inspirational and entertaining book, you will learn what makes Phil Robertson tick. Robertson shares his views on faith—and how it has totally changed his way of life and how he treats others; family—how he raised his kids and is raising grandkids while teaching them the life principles he lives by; ducks—and the business principles that started the Duck Commander empire; marriage—including what he’s learned from his own marriage; and of course, his opinions on controversial topics like gun control, taxes, prayer in school, and the government.

My Thoughts:
I actually was a bit undecided on which book I would read this month. I started off with the heavily promoted "The Best Maybe" book for women going around the Christian circles (like how I changed the title there?). But that book was so lukewarm, and frankly just bad.

With only two weeks to go in the month, I knew I needed to make a decision to either finish that book, or search for something else. Boy, am I glad I stumbled upon this book, unPHILtered. As a recently released book, it's been getting such high ratings and I absolutely agree! I read the entire prologue on Amazon, and knew I had to buy it!

Here's what I love about this book. It's not a biography like some of the other Duck Dynasty books. It's Phil just sharing truth- plain and simple. He gets bold and brave enough to talk about topics that everyone in America is thinking about, but just doesn't share with one another. Pretty empowering!

The book is broken up into three sections, personal lifestyles, hot topics, and faith. But I almost feel like the book is broken up into three audiences as well.

The first section talking about personal lifestyles (which I loved the most), I feel like is written for a Christian audience. The second section about hot topics I feel like was written for "the world" or "the media". It's basically Phil's response to things the media has said about him. And lastly, the section on faith, I believe is really written toward the non-Christian audience. It goes over the basics of sin, repentance, and new life.

Although there were good moments in the last two sections, I really enjoyed and felt so empowered by the first section. It made me feel like I wasn't the only one who felt a certain way about where America is headed. It felt good to know that other people have similar opinions on social media and money, etc.

Here are my top 5 favorite quotes from the book:

  • The way things are going, it's okay to have an opinion in America, as long as you don't offend anyone and don't quote the Bible. 
  • Being spiritually flabby is far worse than being a little plump physically. (on America's obsession with counting calories. Boy, was that freeing to hear!)
  • We were content when we were poor, so we won't ever feel rich. (quoting Miss Kay, on when the Robertson's would feel "rich")
  • Disciplining, correcting, and teaching your children requires consistency and good communication between the parents. It's a cooperative effort. 
  • We have positioned our government as an enabler, and by doing so we've robbed many people of their own sense of personal responsibility. Many Americans are no longer teaching their children the virtues of hard work, self-reliance, and determination. 
Final Recommendation: 
Overall, this book is a definite page-turner. If you are at all interested in getting a bit more plugged in to topics going on in our country today, please please read unPHILtered. It might help you gain a bit more perspective, and be a good jumping off point to research and prepare yourself for educated voting in 2016. 

I would also recommend this book for people who, like me, want some assurance and encouragement that there are others out there who share similar views. Phil gives a incredibly fresh perspective.

All that to say, I would absolutely NOT recommend unPHILtered for a group setting. I have learned in my (short) adult life that there are plenty of reasons you don't talk about religion, politics, or money in company. It can let out all sorts of evil, and things the direct opposite of love. 

If you're looking for a fairly quick read, and something a bit more substantial than how to make good decisions (oh boy, don't get me started!), please pick up a copy of unPHILtered. I promise, you won't be sorry!

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Adventures with Chalk Paint

I have been wanting to try out the phenomenon that is chalk paint for a while now, but just never took the plunge and bought the (pricey?) Annie Sloan brand, or dared to try to mix my own. 

Thankfully, my local Home Depot started offering a different brand of chalk paint, so I decided to give it a whirl! 

Here's my thrifted china cabinet before the chalk paint: 

I love this piece so much, that I was a tad nervous about going through with this project. I just couldn't quite picture it a different color. Thankfully, my husband gave me the push I needed, and we went for it! 

Here's some photos from the first coat of paint. 

The trick is to put on a thin, thin layer. The second coat will cover any imperfections, and make the color look more solid. 

My first coat had tons of brush marks in it, as seen in this photo:

I used Americana Decor chalk paint in Vintage found at Home Depot, along with some bristled brushes.

My total cost for this project includes: 
2 cans Americana Decor chalk paint $15
1 can Americana Decor chalk paint wax finish $8
5 or so bristle paint brushes $5
Sandpaper $0
Beadboard backing $20


After letting Coat #1 dry overnight, I slathered on Coat #2:

 Looks more solid in color, huh? 

Once that dried, I took some sandpaper and went to town distressing it. The chalk paint sands off very easy, so be careful not to take off too much! A power sander would not be ideal to use. 

Here are a few close up's of the distressing I did: 

After sanding, we hit it with a clear coat of the wax finish. Perfect!

Then, we tacked in the beadboard backing (also found at Home Depot), and we were ready to go!

What do ya think?

It definitely lightens up a dark, heavy wood piece. The new paint makes me feel like this piece is more feminine and shabby chic! Love!

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