Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Quilts for Kids- Week 2

Last week, I got started on my quilt for the organization, Quilts for Kids. Let me show you the progress I've made so far this past week...

Last time, I finished up sewing the four-patch squares to the printed squares, forming rows. Here are rows 1 and 2.

Now, I've put together all six rows, and am sewing all six together. 

In the photo above, I've got two rows pinned together at the top. 
Below, a close-up shot.

Once all six rows were together, I needed to start on the borders. It's really looking like a quilt now! 
Notice how all the red and white squares for diagonal lines. Intentional, people! Wohoo! That's how you quilt! 

Above, I've got the inner border pinned on the right and left sides. I'll need to sew those, then sew the inner border on the top and bottom. 
Below, a close-up shot of the pinned inner border.  

Next time, I'll show you how I put together the inner and outer borders, and get it ready for quilting! We are rockin' and rollin'!

 photo AEE9CDC010348191FC652CBA68E0D666_zps1c1578b9.png

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