Thursday, September 25, 2014

Oktoberfest 2014

This past weekend was the start of Oktoberfest! What's Oktoberfest, you say?

Well, Oktoberfest is the world's largest festival, or carnival, held annually in Munich, Germany. It starts in late September and goes for about two weeks, until the first weekend in October. Attendance at the fair usually reaches about 6 million people over the two weeks, coming from all over the globe.

It began in the early 1800's as a royal wedding celebration of Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese on October 12th. They eventually moved up the dates to September for the annual Oktoberfest celebrations, to accommodate for better weather.

Over the years they've had parades, agriculture shows, horse races, rides, shopping, fantastic food, and of course, Munich-brewed beer.

To celebrate at home, we decided to cook up some delicious, German-style dishes.
Anyone hungry for some Oktoberfest Lager Stew?

What about some Black Forest Cake?

Don't forget the homemade pretzels! These were delish! 
Props to Daniel who rolled and formed the pretzels. He had wayyy too much fun doing that!

If you're interested in actually going to an Oktoberfest celebration, rather than having one at home, here are a few happening around Central Florida.

Central Florida Celebrations

Downtown Orlando: THIS Saturday, Sept 27th starting at 3pm, at the Bahai Festival Grounds (2300 Pembrook Drive Orlando) 

East Orlando: Both Friday and Saturday evenings, Oct 10th and 11th from 5pm to 10 pm in downtown Avalon Park

North Orlando: Two Saturdays in October, the 4th and 25th starting at 2pm in Casselberry (381 Orange Lane, Casselberry)

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