Thursday, September 4, 2014

Football Season is Upon Us

I feel like I've been waiting all summer for football season to start! Daniel and I got super excited about FIFA World Cup in June and July, so NFL starting in September has felt like a long wait.

In prep for the upcoming season, I put together a few home decor items to show our Cowboys pride!

What do ya think? I knew I wanted to put together a cute NFL wreath, after seeing so many good ones on Pinterest. I decided to go the "rag wreath" route, and tied strips of fabric all around a foam wreath. I also added some Cowboys ribbon, and some football-printed ribbon bows. 

To show my football spirit inside the house, I used the rest of the printed fabric to create a patchwork table runner. I'm making a similar one for a friend right now, so I'll be sure to post a tutorial soon!
Although it looks fancy, it only took me about two sittings, a couple hours each time. Definitely an easy weekend project!

And lastly, many of you know that I've been playing Fantasy Football for a couple of years now. We really get into it at work! I'm the Commish of the Low Expectations League, which is a league that focuses on fellowship rather than competition, and is for those who want to play fantasy, but aren't super competitive and hardcore.

In any case, I finally put together a homemade trophy for our league. Sadly, for our winner last season, I'm about six months late. Hey, it's "low expectations" for a reason, right? ;)

My husband put together the construction of the trophy out of wood, modeled after the Lombardi trophy (that's the Super Bowl trophy), and I painted it with gold and bronze metallic paint. Pretty sweet, huh?

Can't wait for the first games this weekend! Go Cowboys!

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