Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer 2014 Re-Cap

Back-to-school-week this week for teachers means our summer is officially over!

To help me savor the last bit of summer, here's a re-cap of some of my favorite moments...

Homemade cold brewed iced coffee.. nothin' better!

I turned 26! 
I had the best week-long celebration a girl could ask for!

Then we took a little Bahamas cruise!

Breakfast buffet, anyone? 

Found a few things at the thrift store

We celebrated July 4th weekend with food, friends, and fireworks!

Enjoying free hot dogs in Winter Park, on the 4th.

We throughly enjoyed World Cup this summer! 
Here's our futball star, Mueller.

On July 30th, we celebrated our 3rd anniversary

Enjoying some blackberry sangria during our anniversary dinner out!

And lastly, enjoying a beautiful beach sunrise for my sabbatical weekend away.

Although summer is pretty much over, and routines and packing lunches will soon begin, I feel so happy and grateful during this time. I love spending extra time with Daniel over the summer. 

We got to read great books, work on a few home projects, take a wonderful weekend cruise, and cook great meals for each other. 

Summer 2014, we won't forget you! 

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