Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Quilts for Kids- Week 1

I'm starting a new project! Yayyyyy!!!!!

I am thrilled to share with you my newest adventure, making a child-sized quit for the non-profit, Quilts for Kids.

With the holidays approaching, it's around this time of year ever year that I start thinking about hand-made gifts. Last year, I really put my sewing machine to good use and made some fluffy Christmas trees, rice-filled heat packs, and so much more.

And while that was fun, and friends and family enjoyed those gifts, I realized that I really wanted to make something special, for someone, somewhere this year. Even though I don't have a baby or children of my own, why not make something for someone else's child?? How fun!

Enter Quilts for Kids! I did a little web-browsing and found these guys. Their mission is...

"transforming fabrics into patchwork quilts that comfort children with life-threatening illnesses and children of abuse." (As seen on their website in the About Us section.)

How precious! I knew I wanted to be apart of what they do right then. (Reading the testimonials and tearing up also helped get me on board. The kids are just too precious!)

For $6, I had a fabric kit shipped to me (they provide all the fabric), and now I've gotten started on piecing the quilt together. Most of the fabric is already cut (praise God!) and comes with instructions. They give you 4 to 6 weeks to complete and then ship back to them.

So, here we go! I'll post my quilting progress here on the blog so you can keep up with my newest adventure!

Here are some snapshots from Week 1:

I started sewing the red and white strips together, then cut to form the small squares. By pinning the red and white fabric together, I was able to form the 4-patch square seen above.

Once I put together the red and white 4-patch squares, I sewed them to my colorful transportation squares, starting to form rows. In the above photo, I have two rows complete. I'll need to get six rows finished, before I start sewing them all together.

What do ya think?? To put it in perspective, take a look at what a completed one looks like. I'll be doing the Four Patch Pattern.

 photo AEE9CDC010348191FC652CBA68E0D666_zps1c1578b9.png

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