Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cubical Sweet Cubical

My home away from home is my cubical at work. Each week, I spend close to 30 hours of my life there! Why not make it cute?

Last week I spent some time re-designing my cube, so I thought I'd share with you some tips and tricks!

Here's the before....

BORING! Gosh, it looks so awful! Talk about a gray fabric prison!

And here's my after...

Ta-da! Pretty cute, huh? You can't tell in these photos, but the brown paper is actually burlap wrapping paper! See...

That's actually where I started with my design for this space- wrapping paper. Find 2 rolls that you love and cut to fit the felt or fabric walls of your cube.

From there, decide on some coordinating colors for a cute banner. For this design, I chose two dark purple and cream fabrics, and made a tassel garland. Other garland ideas include pennants, flags, or the tassels.

Once you've got your wrapping paper and banner, you are half-way there!

Here are some other must-haves for your home away from home:

  • Something green: Fake plants work great, or low-maintenance plants, like my bamboo shoot.
  • Current photos: These help remind you that you have a life outside of work! Photos of you and friends, you and your spouse, pets, family, etc work well.
  • Coffee cup: Treat yourself to a cute one! Don't just go for the generic ones in the office kitchen! Be sure to also stock up on coffee provisions (k-cups) and tea.
  • Things you love: Shop your house for art, decorations, throw pillows, etc that you already love! In my cube, I've got a Willow Tree figurine, a decorative cross, and some fabric coasters I made.
  • Cute office items: How awful are those generic black staplers?! If you can't replace them, at least hide them in a drawer! Also, take an afternoon and make yourself an adorable pencil/pen holder. Mine is a large tin can, wrapped in jute. Be sure to hang a cute calendar for yourself! 
And there you have it! I promise your office space will feel more inviting and special with a little spruce up! 

Here's some other photos for inspiration! I did this design about a year ago.

Love it!
Photo Credit: Keva Ambre

How do you make your work space beautiful?

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