Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Our Homemade World Cup Jerseys

This week, my heart is a little heavy, as the FIFA World Cup tournament has come to a close.

Daniel and I have tremendously enjoyed watching the matches this past month.

We got hooked earlier in June, when we watched some of the first games on our Caribbean cruise. The games looked pretty good on a big screen, poolside!

In any case, to cheer on Germany in the finals, we decided to make t-shirt jerseys for the family!

Here's how we did it...

Grab some plain white t-shirts from your closet and scrap fabric in the colors of your team. You'll also need fabric scissors, a sewing machine, paper, pen, and black permanent marker.

Start by laying out your t-shirt. Use the paper and pen to make a fabric pattern of the shapes you want to cut out. For these Germany jerseys, I used paper to get the maroon "v" proportionately correct. I also used it to draw a black circle, white stars, and my white Adidas logo.

Trace and cut your fabric. Then pin as desired. Lookin' good so far!

Then, start sewing! I sewed on all fabric pieces attached to the maroon "v" first, then sewed the "v" to my white t-shirt.

My husband was sweet enough to use the black permanent marker to draw player names, numbers, and the sleeve stripes.

Each one of our shirts took us about an hour to create.

And since we had a little time before the Germany v. Argentina finals match.... We outfitted the rest of the family! Here we have Toni Kroos & Thomas Mueller.

 photo AEE9CDC010348191FC652CBA68E0D666_zps1c1578b9.png

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