Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Prayer Room

Two weekends ago, I was in church and a thought came to me to create a space in my home specifically for prayer and quiet time.

I have heard of prayer rooms, or prayer closets, before but never really considered making it a part of our daily life.

What a prayer room is, is exactly what it sounds like. A room to go and be with the Lord. A calming, private place, to seek God, read scripture, pray and worship.

Daniel and I are fortunate enough to have an entire room to devote to this in our house. But I want to encourage you to see if there is a closet, room, or nook that you can fully dedicate to providing the members of your family a place away from everything to go and pray.

Here were some of my ideas for setting up our prayer room:

  • Remove any distractions- I kept the artwork plain, and purposely did not put a clock in this room. 
  • Provide Resources- On the table, I have bibles, devotionals and other resource tools. (And also, you can see in the above photo, my sewing machine. ;) I can't find another place to just store that right now.)
  • Prayer & Scripture- I used wrapping paper taped to the wall to provide an area to include photos of people to pray for, and in another area a place to hang index cards with scripture verses. 
  • Other Ideas- If you have them, try to include floor pillows or a soft rug, musical instruments, or even something to play worship music on. 

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