Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Gideon 6

I spent some time in the prayer room this morning, really just wanting some insight and comfort from God. This year, 2014, has been the weirdest year of all. Friends moving, having babies, going back to school, changing jobs, and the list goes on and on...

In midst of all that is changing around me, I often wonder, What does God have for me?

I don't have all the answers, and I really don't have a ton of direction, but I do want to share my insights from reading (part of) the story of Gideon this morning. You can find this in the book of Judges, chapters 6 &7.

Judges Chapter 6

v. 14 "Go in the strength you have"

  • When I read verse 14, this portion stuck out to me. God requires us to act, even though we are oftentimes tired and weary. Gideon is asking God why things have happened to his family and in his life, but God is asking him to act/move/go. In my life, I very often feel tired and weary of the same problems. I'm wanting a "why", instead of just doing. I'm ready to sleep, instead of act.

v. 15 "I am the least"

  • This part of the story ties into the previous verse. Gideon exclaims that he is the least qualified person to do the job (God is asking him to do). Wow, does that resonate with me! So often I have a lens of disadvantage, saying "I don't have money, family, time, skill, bravery, etc to carry this out." What if all of those "disadvantages" didn't matter to God? 

v. 16 "I will be with you"

  • God answers Gideon's plea of being the least, with a promise to go with him. That promise can give me courage, hope, and faith, to walk out the weariness and disadvantage feelings. I know that I will never have to walk into something (God has asked me to do) alone. 

Judges Chapter 7

 v. 2 "You have too many men [resources]... I can not deliver [provide blessings]... or Israel [you] would boast... 'my own strength has saved me'. (Emphasis my own.)

  • Too often I think that once I have enough resources (time, energy, money), that that will give me enough strength and a victory. But God has to strip me down to next to nothing before He can do His work (incredible things). In my life, this is what makes incredible stories, and what gives God his full honor and glory.

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  1. This post was such an encouragement. Probably more than you could imagine! Thank you for always being so honest and open about your struggles and about your faith :)