Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Weekend 2014

Easter has always been an interesting holiday for our family. Some years we celebrated with extended family, and other years we did absolutely nothing! Daniel and I had fun this year, remembering Easters from years past...

2013 - Installing our fence
2012 - Visiting with Daniel's mom at the beach
2011 - SeaWorld Easter Sunrise service and shopping at the outlets
2010 - Church with Daniel's mom, then visiting his extended family
2009 - Daniel's last Easter with his father alive

For this Easter, I wanted to go all out- especially with cooking! I grabbed my Pioneer Woman cookbook and hit the kitchen! Among other things, I made her...

Hot Cross Buns
Cheddar-Chive Biscuits
Glazed Easter Ham
Carrot Cake

I also wanted to punch up the weekend with some fun, family activities. We dyed hard boiled eggs and also did the Resurrection Eggs activity (which is so sweet, for adults and kids alike!). I made my own kit, rather than buying, using Courtney's instructions from Women Living Well Ministries (it's the 3rd activity listed).

Saturday was special for us, as we got to visit Daniel's mom at her beach condo. We had brunch together and then walked along the beach.

Sunday we enjoyed going to church with our neighbors. They were sweet enough to ask us to carpool with them, so it felt like one big family event. We really appreciated going to church on Easter Sunday this year, as the last time we made it to church was in 2010.

I hope you also enjoyed Easter with your loved ones!

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