Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Why I Finally Stopped Doing Work Outs I Hate

Last summer, Daniel and I got motivated to go through the P90X program. So many of our friends started it and stopped, so we wanted to see if we could be the ones to finish! We got through two months of the three month program, and totally quit. Life got in the way (hello- August hit!), and neither one of us loved the program enough to finish.

Also last year, I signed up for a several 5K races (I completed 4 total). Training to run was new and totally different. Daniel encouraged me and motivated me the whole time, but after the second race, I was over it. The third race really did me in, as the cobblestone-paved route in downtown Orlando tore up my feet.

Before last year (back in 2012) we joined Planet Fitness. That was a fun experience too! It was close to home, the monthly membership price was great, and we enjoyed going right after work together. But, there were no classes (traditional ones like Zumba, spin, Pilates, etc), which is what I loved in college. And after a while, the novelty of the gym wore off too.

Finally in 2014, I decided that I'm done with work outs that I don't like. I thought to myself- there's got to be more out there than just running (running people swear up and down nothing's better), and gyms I see advertised on tv. This just can't be it!

I pulled out my handy-dandy tablet, and searched around on the internet for top-rated women's fitness dvd's. I found this super-helpful article from Women's Day, that shared their top picks for women's dvd's. It was like a light bulb went off. FINALLY! Work outs that look like I could do them! I took a chance and bought the first two dvd's listed- Denise Austin's Body Make Over Mix and Ellen Barrett's Fat Burning Fusion.

OH MY GOODNESS- these changed my life!

I finally felt like I wasn't doing some program or activity meant for someone else. I was actually interested in the dvd's I chose. They were girly, had just enough reps for me to complete, but not exhaust myself. And, these women were encouraging, positive, and friendly! Could this get any better?

It's been two and half months now, and I'm discovering more and more dvd's and work out types that I love. I've added another dvd to my collection- Denise Austin Latin Dance. And I've found so many routines that I can stream for free using my Amazon Prime membership! Denise is on there! Wohoo! I've also found Mary Helen Bowers with Ballet Beautiful. Love it!

Ones that are not on my list to try- anything that says "bootcamp", kickboxing, Jillian Michael's work out dvd's (love her on The Biggest Loser, but not as my personal trainer!). I'm also not into the 30-day, 90-day programs out there. I've realized that I'm not on a "program". I exercise because that's what all humans need (kids and adults!). We were designed and created to move our bodies! I learned about this idea in my Made to Crave book last month.

So, where do you start? Well, think about what you liked doing as a kid. Were you into soccer? Did you ride bikes around the neighborhood all afternoon? What got you moving as a kid? Swim practice, track meets, neighborhood basketball?

I was into dance when I was younger. I also really enjoyed riding my bike around the different neighborhoods in my small town. Now as an adult, I'm enjoying dance dvd's (Zumba, ballet, some Pilates) and my husband and I ride our cruiser bikes around our neighborhood as well. I know that because I enjoy these types of exercise, I'll be more likely to stick with them throughout adulthood.

What gets you moving?

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