Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year. New Attitude. New You. --2014 Edition--

Wow! Another year come and gone... I can't believe it's now 2014! 

Let's see, it's been...
8 years since I graduated high school
5 years since I was baptized
3 years since we said "I do"
2 years being homeowners
and just 1 year with this blog! 

Many of you remember me sharing about my vision board this time last year
If not, you probably have heard me talk about all through November and December of this year.

To recap...  

A vision board is just a collection of pictures, thoughts, words, and ideas to help focus your year. No ambitious "goals" or lofty "resolutions", just a collection of inspiration that speaks to you!

I was SO READY to do this again for 2014! 

I collected magazines starting in May for this! During our Christmas break from work, Daniel and I spent time cutting out photos from magazines and putting together our individual "visions" for this new year. 

We typically start thinking and reflecting around November. For whatever reason, early November seems to be my "reset" time (not January, like you would think). During the month of November I'll start thinking about the past ten months- what I've learned, where I've grown, what surprised me during that time. 

I'll also start to dream about the future. The upcoming year. 
All new and bright, and full of hope and promise. 

That's where the vision board comes in. I put together a collage of different ideas, goals, and dreams for my new year. Sometimes I even start early on them (like in December, not waiting for January 1). 

For 2014 I hope to... 

Really focus on fitness- I want to be slimmer and stronger
Spend time crafting and being creative 
Take care of myself by both relaxing and pampering
Further my growth and encourage others by reading one Christian book a month and blogging about it
Really focus on 5 quality friendships
Spend more time travelling and camping
Cooking more often, especially for holidays
Invest in better cookware and serve ware pieces
Make our backyard a beautiful and relaxing haven 

I can't wait to see how this new year turns out! Happy 2014, y'all!

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  1. Love this, Christine! I (of course) love your book review goal, especially! Here's to a productive and exciting 2014!!