Thursday, November 14, 2013

ways to put "thanks" in your thanksgiving

with thanksgiving just two weeks away, i thought i'd share with you some fun ways to make the most of this holiday. seems like everywhere we turn, christmas has already made its debut! walmart has trees out, the grocery store already has candy canes, heck, i'm even getting tons of christmas circulars mailed to me from various stores!

while i am super excited about christmas approaching, i really wanted to find fun thanksgiving activities to put the "thanks" back in my holiday. here are 4 fun ones to try out!

  • create your own thankful tree

    • when i saw one of these at my girlfriends house a few weeks ago, i knew my husband and i had to make one! it was super easy and only took us about an hour to work on together. 
    • head on over to your local park and grab some fallen tree branches. back at home, you'll also need pens, scissors, a hole puncher, string, and cardstock with leaf cut-outs
    • bundle your branches together and tie with string if necessary. i also used some vase filler to make the branches stand up-right in my vase.
    • cut out your leaves, then punch a hole to string for hanging. jot down something you're thankful for and your name on the leaf, then hang on your branches!

here's a fun example from Emily at Simply Vintagegirl 

  • create your own thankful tablecloth 

    • this idea i've heard of before, but have never been daring enough to do... 
    • essentially, you have guests on thanksgiving day write what they are thankful for on your tablecloth. each year you put out the same table cloth for them to add to. 
    • i'm thinking of doing a patchwork version of this idea. i'll give each guest a few 4x4" squares to share what they are thankful for. then, after the holiday, i'll sew together in a patchwork fashion. each year my squares will grow as we add to them! 
    • here's a fun example from Kathryn at daring young mom

  • take to social media 

    • post one thing you're grateful for each day either on your facebook or instagram
    • i've seen others do this and i love reading about or viewing photos of the blessings in their lives
    • what a fun and easy way to use technology!

  • enjoy a "thanksgiving-only" activity 

    • sign up for a thanksgiving morning race! what a fun way to get up and out early and enjoy the brisk weather. your city or town has to have a 5K Turkey race going on, why not join them this year? i did last year (and we're going again this year!), remember that one? 

    • enjoy a thanksgiving movie at the theaters. after eating, indulge in Free Birds, a fun family movie before the season of tons of christmas movies!

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