Thursday, October 10, 2013

How to Eat Your Way Through the Countries (with a Skinny Wallet)

Living in Orlando, we are privileged to be able to have Disney World right around the corner. Every autumn Epcot showcases their International Food & Wine Festival, and it is pretty spectacular! 

This being our second year at Food & Wine Fest, I thought I'd share some tips on how to eat your way around the world on a budget! 

Chef Remy posing with Beer Flight #1 and Cheese Trio (Artisan cheese served with honey, La Bonne Vie Triple Cream Brie served with apricot jam, and Wijngaard Goat Gouda with Craisin bread)

1. Eat breakfast. Yep, sleep in and eat breakfast before heading out the door. The countries and food stands do not open until 11am, so no need to rush to the park.

Chef Remy & I posing in France

2. Do not feel like you have to stop at every stand. There are 30 (yep, thirty!) food stands sprinkled throughout the park. You can still buy from 4-5 stands and feel like you had an amazing experience. This year we stopped at the Cheese, Craft Beers, Greece, Brewer's Collection, Desserts & Champagne, Florida Local, and Belgium country marketplaces, and that was plenty!

Trying beer flight #1

3. Go splitsies!  Split food items with your spouse or friends to really get a great tasting experience! You'll just get a few bites of it, but you'll get a ton of variety!

Dessert Trio of: Chocolate orange cupcake,
Hazelnut chocolate cheesecake, Morello cherry pistachio mousse

Belgium waffles with berry compote and cocolate ganache and whipped cream 

4. Know your budget. This one might be obvious, but talk with your spouse or friends that you'll be going with, to keep accountability on your budget. For last year's Food and Wine Fest, Daniel and I brought $20 per person for food and drinks. This year, we doubled (that's $40 per person) and really got to purchase lots of food during the day, souvenirs, and even a Starbucks on the way out of the park!

Starbucks within Epcot

5. Bring cash. It makes things so simple for purchasing food all day. Most food and beverage prices are a whole dollar, or quarter amount (ex: $3.25, $2.00), so you won't be stuck with lots of coin change.

Tasting the berry Belgium waffle... delish!

If you want to check out the menu of food and beverages before you go, here's a link to Disney's list of country Marketplaces (bonus- prices are listed!). 

Happy tasting everyone!

Chef Remy & I near the cheese menu kiosk

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