Saturday, August 10, 2013

My 90 Days of Summer

August.... Ugh.. Summer is officially OVER! 
Yep, at least for a teacher and his wife, it's over. Forget Labor Day!

If you're memory is good, you'll be wanting an update on how I did on my 90 Days of Summer Vision board. From May 1 through July 31, I had some fun goals and dreams for the summer. You can check out the beginning of that journey back in late April with this post

But, as a recap.. here were a few of my goals... 
Trying new wines
Girl's day
Summer movies
My 25th Birthday!
Going to the beach (particulary exploring West FL beaches)
Getting out in our yard
Celebrating Cinco de Mayo and 4th of July
And of course, our 2nd wedding anniversary! 
Last but not least, I'd like to try a photo-a-day challenge! 

We got to do a LOT of those! One that didn't quite make it was my photo-a-day... Oh well, I'm not the best photographer!

But, here are a few fun photos from these past three months! Check out the awesomeness! 

Tallahassee Visit with Friends! (Memorial Day Weekend)

...and their cat!

Sooo many trips to get more gutters for our install

birthday highlights! 

mango margarita italian ice

my 25th birthday (May 20)
guests for the surprise proposal (June 1)

She said YES! (June 1) 
beach weekend at the condo (June 15)

Daniel built me a beautiful cedar shower bench-- Yogurt loves it too!

beach day

celebratory steak dinner for Daniel's new teaching job

I'm gonna be a bridesmaid!

Let's blow stuff up! (July 4)

Welcome to the family Dodge Dakota! (July 5)

2nd Anniversary celebration getaway (July 30)

I love Downtown Disney (July 30)

Back to School Classroom set-up

This summer was so fun, and I loved spending every minute of it with my husband. Our fall is going to be even better with the start of a new school year and jobs for both of us, 5K race season starts up again, multiple friends weddings to look forward to, and so much MORE! 

Can't wait to keep you updated!

Ohh... and here's a teaser for you... we've been doing a fitness program since early June. Wanna know what it is? Coming soon! ;P

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