Sunday, July 14, 2013

diy ombre calendar

Ombre is popping up everywhere! Every time I browse on Pinterest, I see something else done ombre!

Well, get a load of this fun, six-month, diy ombre calendar I created this weekend! Made from (what else!?) paint chips! (Oh, yeah, and it's dry erase!)

Best, of all I created this beauty for just $5.50! Here's how I did it...

You'll need a ruler, pen or pencil, scissors, large poster board (I got mine for $0.50 from Dollar Tree), six 8" by 8" paper squares (you can use card stock, construction paper, or scrapbook paper), and mostly importantly, paint chips! I grabbed 5 different shades, 7 chips for each shade. 

You'll first start by cutting all those little squares! To make things easier on myself, I chose to only do a 6-month calendar. 

My dimensions for each "day" paint chip are 1.5 inches high, by 1 inch wide. I used my old work dry erase calendar as my inspiration. 

Make sure when you are marking out your lines, that you take into consideration the paint chip color label. Nothing says calendar like "Buttered Sweet Corn". ;)

After marking, start cutting! You'll need 210 total "days"; that's 42 of each of the five colors. 
Patience is key here! This project did take me close to 1.5 to 2 hours.  

Then, using one of your 8" x 8" squares arrange your "days" into five rows of seven. This is to ensure that you can use this calendar over and over again! 


You can do any pattern that interests you! For mine, I used my lightest color to darkest color, in two row increments. My middle color, spans between two different months. 

Once you've glued down all six months, go ahead and arrange them onto your large poster board. 
You'll want to leave some room in between each square to have a place to write in your days of the week and month names. 

Then, go ahead and glue those down. 
I cut from some of my extra paint chips colorful rectangles. I'll use those to write my months in. 

To make this baby dry-erase, go to your local office supply store to get it laminated! 
Staples laminated mine for just $5!

Using a dry erase marker, go ahead and write in your months, days of the week, and dates!