Sunday, June 30, 2013


June 29th

Can you believe it? June 29th we signed the paperwork for our house and grabbed the keys! 
This house was ours and we started work right away!  

52 weekends later...

We've had so much fun with this home! 
Blood, sweat, tears, and a lotta love have gone into transforming this for-sale house in Lake Mary, into our first home. 

That's why I've got our #lovehome post title. 

We recently got cable tv again, and have been watching a lot of HGTV (what else?!). 
During commercials, they show Instagram photos with viewers' #lovehome tag. 
It's so neat to see what others around the country love about their home. 

A place of rest and refuge. 

A place to come together and celebrate. 

A place to be creative and reach beyond your own abilities. 

But most of all, a place to love on one another. 

That's what I #love about #home. <3

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