Monday, June 10, 2013

June Makeover Madness

...not to be outdone by March Makeover Month, June makeover madness is in full force!

Yes, everyone, after a few months rest, we're back at it again! Check out just a few of the diy's we've been up to!

Two weekends ago, we spotted these fun tables at various garage sales.Super cute, but not the right colors for inside our house! We wanted to punch them up with a "beach cottage chic" vibe.

What do you think?

All it took was a little paint! 
I recommend using one $3 sample paint found at Home Depot in the color of your choice. Sand your piece, then apply two coats of the paint. 
To get that shiny (put not too shiny) finish, apply one coat of (my fav!) Minwax Poly Gloss Protective. You can find the smallest can size, for just $5.
Dry overnight!


Then this past weekend, we decided to do a front-entry flip! 
This series of projects were ones we've been dying to finally accomplish. They included replacing the flush mount exterior light with a hanging lantern, constructing a small seating area, repainting the front door in an eye-catching color, and finally, planting flowers in our ginormous flower pot!

 Our front entry way feels way more inviting and exciting! To me it says that a young, fun couple live here! 

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