Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Photo a Day - May 12th Through May 18th

Happy Mother's Day to all the cat momma's out there!

May 12

It still amazes me what a blessing these two are- a smart phone and a new bike!

May 13

my wonderful mother's day gift

May 14

birthday celebration cupcakes at work

May 15

birthday card from the women's ministry at work

May 16

sleepy kitty

May 17

Daniel picked out a special birthday cake for me this year

May 18

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Third 5K

I completed my third 5K event of the year a few Saturdays ago, on April 20th. 
This one was close to our home and only had about 150-200 runners, so it was more of a hometown, local event. Unfortunately, I didn't train as well for this race, and didn't set any PR's (that's "personal record" in runner-speak). 

In fact, this was probably my hardest race emotionally to push through. 
I did really well at the Lady Track Shack previous race I did, so I had high expectations. But nonetheless, it was hot and muggy out. I can definitely understand why running season ends in April!

I also didn't train as hard for this race, or take it very seriously in the days leading up. 

But, as my friend Kelly always says.. 
"there's no bad run"

I've learned a lot from this race and look forward to getting back out there this fall! There's never a bad run, and even though I didn't do as hot in this race, I know that there will be plenty more opportunities to rock it out! 

Oh, yeah, did I mention we got free beer at the finish? ;)

Photo a Day - May 5th Through May 11th

Mango Margarita Italian Ice

May 5

May 6

We <3 The Voice!

May 7

May 8

May 9

May 10

naan white pizza

May 11