Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Summer Vision Boards

Check out my summer vision board!

I got this crazy idea a few weeks ago to make a vision board for the summer! Something to help me visualize and set goals for the summer months.

Oftentimes I feel like summer is just a time we Floridians "endure". It's hot out, people are on vacation (and aren't as interested in getting together), my husband is off from teaching for the summer, and things are always little out of routine.

Rather than just "getting through" this summer, I really want to focus my energies and feel satisfied come Labor Day.

Thus, the summer vision board! If you'd like to see how I'm making 2013 memorable, check out my vision board for the entire year.

Some of my to-do's for May, June, and July include...
Trying new wines
Girl's day
Summer movies
My 25th Birthday!
Going to the beach (particularity exploring West FL beaches)
Getting out in our yard
Celebrating Cinco de Mayo and 4th of July
And of course, our 2nd wedding anniversary! 

Last but not least, I'd like to try a photo-a-day challenge! 

Have you heard of the Project 365? It's pretty neat.  It helps you document your life by taking a photo each day. My girlfriend, Sarah did this a few years ago. Her photos were always stunning. 

In any case  I'd like to do Project 90.. aka one photo a day from May through July! I think it'll be a unique way to document our summer in the everyday little moments. Stay tuned for fun photos to come!

Tomorrow starts day 1! Wohoo!!

Now begs the question, what will you be doing this summer? 

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