Monday, April 22, 2013

A Summer of Skirts

For this project you will need: 
1 yard of fabric of your choosing
1 yard of plain fabric for the slip underneath (I chose a plain cream)
Safety Pin
Sewing Machine
3/4" wide elastic (about 1 yard)

Keeping the fabric folded from the fabric store (at 45" wide), cut the fabric in half along the fold. This will give you two one-yard-long pieces. 

Pin fabric right sides together. Sew right sides together along one of shorter ends. This will give you a two-yard-wide long strip of fabric. 

Cut approx the same size from your plain fabric for your skirt slip. I used the exact same size, so I had to fold more over in the waist band, to make sure that my slip wouldn't peek out from underneath my skirt!

Fold down slip and skirt 1 1/2" to make tunnel for the elastic waist band.

Kitties love to play with ribbon!
Or in this case, elastic!

 Sew along the bottom edge of your waistband tunnel, to provide enough room for the elastic.

Measure how much elastic you'll need by measuring it up to your waist. Subtract two inches from that and cut.

Snake the elastic through your waistband tunnel using a safety pin. Once completed, it should look something like this.
 Sew elastic together to join the skirt. Then sew final side together with sewing machine to close the skirt and complete!

This was such a fun project! I made my coral colored skirt first, then tackled this turquoise one. 
I found the original tutorial on Grosgrain Fabulous

After making two skirts, I had a few tweaks. Thus... 


 An elastic skirt with a cute ribbon belt! 
I did not need a whole yard worth of width (remember, it actually doubles to two yards of width because you sew the lengths together), as I found out. I'm about an 8 or 10 pants/skirt size, but even with the original tutorial, the skirts had a little too much fabric around my middle and lower section. Yikes!

So, I instead used more like 3/4 of a yard of fabric, then doubled it when sewing the two lengths together. I like the way this looks much better! It's not tight on my middle or lower section, but doesn't have the bulk of the other two skirts.

With the modified skirt lengths, go ahead and follow the above instructions to construct your skirt.

To make a belt, use the left over fabric (from your original yard) to cut multiple strips about 4" in width. You'll fold them over, so don't panic that 4" is too think.

I cut 4 strips (not sure how long) each at 4" wide, which could wrap around my waist one and half times. 

Join all your strips together by sewing right sides together, on the short ends. 

Fold over hot-dog style and pin together!

Sew the belt and turn right side out. 
The turning part takes a lot of patience! 

  Iron the belt with the seam in the middle of the back side of your belt. You won't want to see that part when you tie around your waist. Tuck raw edges into the belt and sew shut. You could hand-sew it nicely, but I was tired at that point and just sewed together on the machine!


I hand-sewed a few stitches in the back-right side of my belt to attach it to my skirt. 
I just wanted something to keep my belt attached slightly to the skirt for fear of it riding up on me! 

Close up of the bow

Now I've got three fun, summer skirts to wear over the coming weeks! 
More to come! 

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