Thursday, March 14, 2013

Summertime Shell Vignettes

With summer right around the corner, I wanted to make sure our family was ready! Forget Easter bunnies and spring chicks...I've already moved on to sand, shells, and margaritas!

Here's a fun and free project idea to get your family in that beach state of mind! 
(Cue the Australian Gold...)

  First, gather any and all glass containers you have at home. I grabbed some of different sizes and heights to give a unique look. (Bonus points if you can guess where the lidded mason jars came from! Yes, Susanna I still have them!)

 No animals were harmed during the making of these vignettes...
Then, lay out all your shells after rinsing them with water to remove loose sand. 
Daniel was sweet enough to rinse everything for me!

Last, choose a glass container, fill part way with sand, then add shells to layer!

Ta-dah! Beautiful! 

Now each room in our home has a little touch of summer! 

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