Sunday, March 31, 2013

Our biggest project yet...

  This weekend, we decided to tackle our biggest project yet- our missing fence gate and paneling. This was the last link to fully enclosing our property! Between our two neighbors  fences on each side, our concrete development wall in the back, and a side panel the previous owners installed, we had most of the yard enclosed.  

Here's how we installed the last side piece, including a gate! 

  First, dig deep holes.. I mean deep ones. Daniel dug two feet deep for each of our post holes, and three feet deep for the post hole that would hold the gate. 

Mix and pour concrete in the holes. This will help anchor the fence posts when you install the pickets. 

Project manager right here! 

Then, start drilling in the pickets! We originally thought to use nails, but ended up working faster with 1" screws and the power drill. 

Unfortunately, at this point (between putting in all the pickets and building a gate) things got a little tough (and I wasn't snap-happy). 
But, no wonder they say doors are the hardest! We build our gate twice because it wasn't level. Some of the cross beams were too long. Some of the pickets were hung too high. Then, the gate sagged and was dragging in the dirt.

My tips: 
measure correctly
remember to pull out the level
and don't settle!

We had to take multiple breaks because it was hot outside and frustrating! But, we did use a little ingenuity to get everything just right!

These last few photos are of Daniel with the last screw! Wohoo!! Ta-dah!

What do you think? Does it look like my master plan?

Front view

Back view

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