Thursday, March 7, 2013

My DIY High-Top Patio Table Experience

What do you think of first when you look at these patio tables? 

Up-cycled doors? 

Yeah, right! 

Let me show you how I turned some old doors we had lying around into these gorgeous and fun high-top patio tables...

Ever since we saw our house's massive backyard patio, we knew that's where we'd want to spend our weekend time. 

We had searched and searched and searched for a high-top, or bar-style, table to throw out there. 

No luck. 

We tried garage sales, Craig's List, and tons of different retail stores (ikea, Target, Walmart, etc). 

Nothing for the outdoors!

So, no worries... I have an idea! 

Let's make our own!

Here's how we did it... 

 Grab those extra flat slab interior doors you have. Then, measure the height you want your table to be for the lumber for the table legs. I believe we modeled our height off of the height of the bar stools we currently had. We used 40 inches for the legs of the table. 

Either use strap lumber you currently have, or buy at your local home improvement store. Cut to size. You'll need four legs total per table. 

Screw in the legs using a power drill and some screws
BE CAREFUL since the interior doors are most likely hollow, and therefore can be very soft. 
Our screws went in a little too deep, so we used some painter's putty to fill it in. 

Then, decide on what type of design you want to do for your table. I was inspired by these fun patio pillows from Home Depot. Since I wanted to do stripes, I used painters tape and got to taping! 

Yogurt likes to help out! :)

For the paint, I just had Home Depot whip up some samples of colors I liked. As I work on more and more projects, I love the size of the sample paint
And at only $3 a jar, it's awesome! 

I used about 6 sample jars to complete this project. 
5 different colors, and an extra brown one for the legs. 

Here's one table with the first round of completed striping. 
Check out the hole for the door handle! Neat!

Daniel helped in a big way by painting all the legs for me. 

It took several sessions (trust me, you don't want to rush this project!), but once all of your painting is completed, I recommend putting on a glossy top coat. 

Minwax is my favorite!!! 
I had some left over Minwax Polycrylic topcoat from painting our kitchen table that I used for the patio tables. 

Just brush on one coat, and viola!, you are good to go! 
Just be sure not too get too close to the Minwax; it is incredibly fume-y! 

Our other idea (rather than a clear topcoat) was to buy and cut to size a sheet of clear plexi-glass to rest on top of each table. 

Unfortunately, we ran out of time to find and buy that since we wanted to host Daniel's birthday BBQ party outdoors. 

Everyone loved the tables at the party, so I'm so glad we made them! 

I really look forward to spending more time on our patio and enjoying the upcoming summer!

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  1. Saw this through Pinterest. This is AMAZING. A very fun step beyond the wood table I want to build.