Sunday, March 24, 2013

March Makeover Month

Daniel and I completed a TON of projects these past two weeks! Take a look at some of the fun we've had during March Makeover Month...

Our breakfast nook has a million dollar view. NOT! It basically gives us a great view of the neighbor's fence. And up until last weekend, was filled with weeds and dirt. We've talked about putting in a water feature of some sort for months, and now we finally did it! A trip to Walmart for the bird bath and pavers, and Home Depot for flowers and mulch, and voila! A room with a view!

-living room-

These two photo collage walls were inspired by my friend, Carrie . She sent me these gorgeous inspiration photos of a blog we enjoy. Ever since then, I've had photo collages on the brain! 
I didn't realize I had so many frames!! Daniel hung all 22 items for me. 
Good husband... :)

-master bedroom-

This next project I've been itching to do for sometime... Our bathroom (and the guest bathroom, for that matter) needed something to feel more cozy and personal. But because we opted for towel hooks instead of towel bars, I can't hang any artwork, there's no room. I couldn't hang a floating shelf either.. also too big! My thought, wall stickers! But... every time I look for wall decals, they are so generic. Sorry, but I don't want to "Live, Laugh, Love" in my bathroom!

What I did instead, was paint onto the wall using a gray sample paint I got at Home Depot. Here's a photo of my "his" and "hers" towel hooks. I've also created a few more, which I'll post a tutorial and my tips and tricks sometime soon. 


Today, I really got creative with the sewing machine! I finally finished my 2013 tea towel calendar. My goodness, did I drag that project out! Unfortunately, no tutorial on this one, but basically I took some leftover muslin fabric, cut to size. Drew on with permanent marker my months and dates. Then embroidered on the saying by Jane Austen "There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort". How fitting.. I'm an incredible home-body and hermit. ;)

My other two projects today were a cat pillow for Yogurt, (I had that yellow and gray left over fabric I was dying to do something with!) and a skirt for myself. 
I made the turquois one today, and the coral one a few days ago. 

The cat pillow directions I followed out of a book, and since my mother in law gave me some extra batting, it was fun and fairly quick to put together. 

The skirts did take me quite a bit longer. I made the one today in two hours. Normally, I like to work quicker, but as I've learned with sewing rushing equals mistakes (and in my case, meltdowns). 

I'll post a tutorial of how to make the skirts too! :)

That's it for right now... I'm so surprised we did so much! 

We had been away from home most weekends since the beginning of February, so I was dying to just stay home and work on projects or sit down and relax. I needed me-time in a big way! 

With the exception of the bird bath last weekend, almost all of my projects were free or virtually free. It's been an interesting season of life for me, with not having a lot of excess cash. God has challenged me to be creative and see where it takes me! 

Have a good week, ya'll... :)

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