Monday, March 4, 2013

Cute Catnip Mouse Toys

DIY Catnip Mouse Toy

I had some free time in the late afternoon yesterday, so I decided to create one of my ideas for a cat toy for Yogurt. 

I thought I'd be fun to stuff some catnip and tissue paper (they love that crinkle sound!) inside of a little mouse to give to her to play with. 

So, I grabbed my sewing machine, scrap materials and got to work.. Here's how I did it: 

You will need: 
  • scrap fabric for the body of the mouse (about the size of your hand, for one side of the body)
  • felt ears (about a quarter size for each ear)
  • a long ribbon tail
  • catnip
  • tissue paper (one sheet is plenty)
  • a permanent marker or 2 buttons (for the eyes)

Cut out of your fabric the size you want your mouse to be. I eye-balled a taco shape, or semi-circle, and then trimmed the front more narrow to look like a face. 

Then, cut your ears out of the felt. 

Sew them to each side of the mouse via sewing machine.

Then, with right sides together, you'll want to sew up the body. You'll eventually turn it right sides out, so leave a gap towards the top of the body. 

I sewed from one end to the middle and stopped. Then sewed from the other end to the middle and stopped. When you sew your ribbon tail, you'll want to make sure the ribbon is on the INSIDE of the mouse. 

If you sew it going out, you'll have to re-do. 

Flip the mouse inside out and voila! 

Draw on eyes (or sew buttons for eyes) with the permanent marker. 

Then, stuff with tissue paper and catnip. Finish your mouse by stitching up the hole in the middle. 
You can either hand stitch to make it seamless and pretty, or do like me where I just sewed it on the sewing machine. 

This was so fun and didn't take me long (maybe an hour for two), so I decided to make one for a friend. 
Yogurt's friend, Frodo, also got a catnip mouse toy!

I love it mom! 

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