Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year. New Attitude. New You.

Yep, that's my motto for 2013. 
I'm pretty excited about this new year, more exited than I normally am for a new year. 

Daniel and I made "vision boards" for 2013 a few days ago. Daniel's mom has been doing them for years, and Daniel even made one last year, but I never really got into them. This year, though, I was exited to create my own. 

A vision board is just a collection of pictures, thoughts, words, and ideas to help focus your year. No ambitious "goals" or lofty "resolutions", just a collection of inspiration that speaks to you!

I don't know what it is about 2013 that excites me. 
(Maybe to just leave 2012 behind...?) 
Anyway, this year is my special birthday year- 25 years old!  
Daniel and I will celebrate 2 years married and 1 year as homeowners.
Yogurt will turn 1. 
I plan on sewing, crafting, blogging, creating, dreaming, running 5K's, and getting out of credit card debt!


As it is the first day of the new year, I decided to open up that brand new sewing machine I got for Christmas! (Yogurt helped too!)

I can't really do anything with it yet since I have no fabric or thread (bobbins or spools), but I have feeling it's going to be the beginning of something great!

And here's a cute photo of Yogurt in what I affectionately call our "girl cave". It's our guest bedroom (still with no bedroom door!), with an air mattress, dresser, my crafting supplies, and all of our holiday decorations. I've got my vision board in there, and also my fabric pin boards with crafting ideas. 

Yogurt loves to run in here, flop on the air mattress, and sleep the afternoon away!

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