Friday, December 28, 2012

Memories from this Christmas

 It's hard to believe Christmas is already over. I'm at least glad that we still have New Years Eve to look forward to. Here are a few highlights from the days leading up to Christmas and from the actual day itself. 

About a week before Christmas, I made sweet and spicy toasted pecans for everyone in my department at work. I also put some together for presents being shipped to family. They were a hit! 

We got a ton of Christmas cards this year! I absolutely LOVE cards! A few of them, regrettably  did not make it up on our Christmas card display (mostly the 30+ ones from Daniel's kids at school). 

I made my card holder last year by attaching two long ribbons to my count down to Christmas chalkboard. I thought the ribbons would be long enough to hold all my cards. Wrong! Both last year and this year I've got cards attached via clothespins going every which way. Among some of the cards include ones that came from far away... London, Nicaragua, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and many from Florida. 

Christmas morning, I managed to snap a few photos before family came over. Here are my four favorites. 

Sweet cinnamon buns for breakfast with coffee in my snowman Starbucks mug. 

Our cute "New Home 2012" ornament from my sweet friend Carrie. Thank you Carrie! 

And our precious wedding ornament (using a wedding invitation). I've made a few of these and have given them as wedding gifts. I hope the ladies love them as much as I love mine! 
If Daniel and I get invited to another wedding this coming year, I'll post a tutorial on how to make.

Here's my Christmas day table setting. I was going with a winter white and silver theme. Although I had no place mats, I fully expect next Christmas to be well equipped (thanks to my new sewing machine!).

For dessert, I made a homemade chocolate peppermint bundt cake. Wow, was it dry! Don't get me wrong, it was tasty and everyone tried a slice, but not really a winner. 

I attempted another chocolate cake recipe for Thanksgiving a few weeks ago, and had it turn out too moist! The recipe I used told me to make the cake from scratch, but I cheated and used a box mix. 

Note to self: when you want a moist cake use the box mix. When you want a dry cake, make it from scratch! 

Lastly, here's a cute photo of Yogurt. She looks a little tired and worn out from present opening. ;) Sweet little girl!

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