Friday, December 28, 2012

Constructing the Cat Tree

For Christmas, there was one thing we knew Yogurt would want... a new cat tree! 

We've made her a kitty tree before, but this time we wanted to take it up a notch. Yogurt is almost done with kitten-hood (she turns one in March), and loves to climb high. The old cat tree was great when she was smaller in size, but what she really needed was a kitty palace! 

So, we headed to Home Depot for scrap lumber and had them cut all our pieces to size. We grabbed 4 carpet mats and a hand saw. All of our materials cost about $40 total. We also used somethings we had at home, nails, screws, an old floor carpet (gray carpet below for base), felt, old t-shirts, and (of course!) ribbon!

Here's how we did it... 

Glue down carpet for base of cat tree. Attach four posts with screws. For the cat box, cover four square pieces of plywood with fabric (I used old t-shirts). Using your hand saw, cut out a dome-shaped piece for a door. Nail all pieces together to form the enclosed cube. For the additional levels of posts, attach using screws. 

Add an additional level, so that the cat can reach the top of your cat tree. Wrap carpet around base posts and nail into the wood. You'll probably want to use the ruff side, and not the soft carpet side, since cats like to scratch on it. Attach carpet (soft side) onto top tiers using a strong adhesive glue. For the middle two levels I just used felt (you can see that better below). Lastly, attach ribbon and cat toys to decorate!  

She loved it! Check out that cute little tail poking out of her "Yogurt cube". 

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