Monday, November 12, 2012

Gingerbread Cookies & Thanksgiving Goodies

Sundays are always fun crafting and baking days. 

This Sunday I had some free time to test out the cookie cutters I bought at World Market. 

Gingerbread leaf or apple cookie anyone?

I also wanted to make Thanksgiving treats for my husband's 5th graders. 

I merged two ideas found on Pinterest... Bugle Cornucopias with mini m&m's (she used Runts instead). And these adorable "thankful" printables

I just love when I get to make things for the kids! I hope to make them smile and remind them that God cares for each one of them so very much. 

Front Yard Re-Do


Some of our best ideas and most fun memories come from deciding things on a whim... 
Case in point, this Saturday. We got our rebate check this week for installing a high efficiency toilet, and thought we'd use the money to replace our second toilet. 

Nah! That'd be too boring! Why don't we re-do the front yard honey? Ok!

Our yard had just gotten a little out of control with weeds. And I was never very in love with that red plant.. So we decided to give it a go! 
Cast of characters: 4 shrub plants, 1 cypress plant, 11 pavers, 4 bags of cypress mulch, 1 bag of soil, & 1 tray of orange flowers 

Clearing out the UGLY

View from our driveway... LOVE IT

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fabric Covered Foam Pin Board

I got a little bit of stolen time today to put together a much needed organizer for all my crafting and baking ideas! In about 30 mins I was able to create these two fabulous fabric pin boards! I was inspired by this DIY Christmas Wall Art found on Pinterest.

Cast of characters...

Fabric of your choosing (I used two pre-cut remnants from JoAnn's), two 12" x 12" x 1" Styrofoam boards, ribbon, scissors, hot glue gun, stapler, and push pins

Lay your foam board face down on the wrong side of the fabric. Fold over the fabric to fit snug around your board. Cut off any excess fabric. 

Secure with push pins in all corners. Then, using your stapler, staple together the foam board and fabric on the back side of your pin board. This is what really helps secure the fabric and board!

For fun, hot glue the edges of the fabric to the foam board. The fabric is really already secured by the staples, but if you'd like to get all edges down, run hot glue between the edge of the fabric and your board. Then, remove all push pins. 

Next, measure out your ribbon length by wrapping it around all four sides. Give yourself a little more length on the ribbon so that you can use the excess ribbon to hang. Using your hot glue gun, glue ribbon to three sides of your foam board. 

The side you left without ribbon will be your top. I started with what I wanted to be my bottom, center when I glued my ribbon down. 

Tie the ribbon ends in a pretty knot... and Viola! You're all set! Add some push pins to your board and start collecting inspiration! 

 ...then go wake up the cat.  Hi Yogurt!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

And so the story starts...

Ahh.. just another fall day in Florida. November is here, so we decided to check out the Fall Fiesta in downtown Lake Eola park today. 

They had tons of vendor booths, with everything a girl could dream about! Arts and crafts, leather goods, kid's clothes, and all different types of things with your favorite college team on it! Oh, and don't forget the dog and cat beds, treats, and items. 

My favorite booths are the ones with woodworking items. We have bought several different wooden pieces from local artisans over the years, so I obviously had to add to my collection today!

Pilgrim man and woman
with pumpkin reading "Give Thanks"
Can you tell someone's ready for Thanksgiving? 

I'm hoping to check out two other arts and crafts festivals this holiday season, so stay tuned for how the other's stack up against today's Fall Fiesta!