Wednesday, November 15, 2017

"My Teacher is Having a Baby" Printable

It's been so incredibly sweet, how excited Daniel's students have been to hear that we are having our first baby. I honestly feel like a local celebrity. Kids really do say the sweetest things, even at the middle school age (11 and 12 yr olds).

One girl got so excited for the news, that she started exclaiming, "I'm going to have a cousin!", meaning our baby. Isn't that precious?

Another girl heard through the grapevine and guessed on her own about the baby, and wanted to be the one to share with the class. Well, alongside doing her classwork, she began to color little bits of torn up paper, pink and blue. This was to be used as confetti when at the end of the class period, she got to announce we were having a baby. I honestly wish I was there to see that. The story makes me laugh every time. I can just picture the confetti falling to the ground. Ha!

Everyone here at Daniel's new school has been so excited for us. Teachers, faculty, students, parents. It's unreal. I feel as much love and support as I think I would have felt from my office of 5+ years, back when we were in Orlando.

In any case, the kids are dying to know if baby is a boy or girl. And they've already come up with a zillion names to name it. Daniel and I put our heads together, and decided, why not make it an official vote?

So, I searched around Pinterest for ideas on how to share baby news with students (aka "my teacher's having a baby" printables). There are TONS of ideas for elementary school teachers! Tons! Super cute ideas, but nothing appropriate for older students. And nothing super dude-friendly for a male teacher. (C'mon, it can be cute, but not over-the-top!) I was bummed. I still want to involve the students, so I created my own printable instructions and tied some ribbon around two glass jars I got at Walmart. Done!

I honestly can't wait to hear the name suggestions. And I'm eager to see which gender gets more votes.

Here's the printable if you'd like to use it yourself. Have fun!
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Monday, November 13, 2017

Dinner's On Us! New Baby Menu Printable

Back in early September, my husband was invited to a baby shower for a fellow male teacher held after school. I was just getting out of morning sickness myself and we had just moved into our new home, so the thought of putting together a baby gift did not blow my skirt up.

I knew I wanted to do something, but was torn because this was a new friendship for Daniel. He didn't know the dad-to-be very well, but could know him better in the future. New relationship that had the potential to grow over time. Hmm.. what's a girl to do? And Lord knows, I'm not having my husband show up to the shower empty handed!

Typically, I like to make a baby gift (diaper cake, baby quilt, etc), but this go round I actually just gave myself permission to do something a tad simpler.

I had remembered from the shower we threw for baby Alice a gift idea that was just genius! On of the guests, Beth, wrote out a nice card and included two vouchers as her gift for the mom-to-be. One for a free house cleaning, and another for a meal of her famous loaded potato soup. Um, genius! Even more so now that I know how much of a struggle meal-time can be during morning sickness, and how I imagine it can be with a newborn.

Done! I did like Beth and bought a nice baby card, and then used a cute little bag to fold up a menu I created for the parents-to-be. They could choose between 3 meal ideas and 3 dessert ideas. It's my version, in a sense, of the popular website, Take Them a Meal (which is awesome by the way!).

I can't wait to see what they choose, and bless them with a night off of cooking and meal planning! Hope this gift idea is helpful to you as well!

Here's the document if you'd like to use for yourself! Or feel free to use this template as a jumping off point to create your own menu ideas. Famous lasagna anyone?

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Fall Updates

Hi! It's been about 6 months. I'm sorry! Life went from crazier to craziest in about 2.5 seconds.

Let me fill you in on all that went down this past summer and early fall...

I (tearfully) said goodbye to my office of 5 1/2 years, and began packing our house. Whatever didn't fit into our POD container, had to be donated or sold. We let go of so many things including coffee tables, console tables, that wonderful entertainment center Daniel built, half of our dvd's, countless books, clothing that was 2 sizes too big or not really our style, etc, etc.
May 31st we loaded up the cats, motorcycle, and a million things into our truck and rental car and headed north! We were rushing to clean and get out the door by 8am, before the buyer did their final walk through on our home. Daniel and I really worked as a team, but boy was my heart racing the whole time!

This was a good month, full, but good. We had a lot of paperwork type things to handle (address changes, PO Box, etc.), along with Daniel applying with the county for open teacher positions. He did so well on interviews and was offered a position right away! We spent a lot of days together driving around neighborhoods looking at homes for sale. By mid-month, we found the perfect one and 60 days later, we closed.
We also spent a good amount of June touring our new city. We went on a college tour, walked around parks, got coffees, toured the capitol. It was awesome! My first summer with just him! I had always been jealous of other teacher's wives who got to spend the whole summer together off of work.
This was also a good month, albeit a bit more stressful than June. Paperwork really ramped up with applying for a mortgage and Daniel starting a new job. We celebrated the summer by watching lots of baseball, including the Home Run Derby. We also did a 1 miler fun run in the park downtown on July 4th. Part of the stress this month came from home inspections, decisions, and lots of back-and-forth with our out-of-town seller. Not fun! We also were trying to understand if we'd have to rent again through AirBnb for August (we only booked June and July). Turns out we did, since we closed on our house mid-August.
One absolutely spectacular thing that happened in July was finding out that we were expecting! Say what?! I was shocked. Totally shocked. After trying for 3 1/2 years, it is absolutely a miracle that we are on our way to parenthood. It was special celebrating our anniversary July 30th, knowing we'd meet our little one next year.
Horrible. The end. I had absolute terrible morning sickness. Like could not get up out of bed before noon morning sickness. I was vomiting every other day, sometimes multiple times in the day. It was difficult to have any sort of desire to eat. My poor husband! He had to pick up so much slack, for so long. Meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking dinner for himself and cleaning up. On top of multiple new job orientations and starting school, in a brand new school and new city. I honestly don't want to remember anything about August 2017! lol We signed on our house and started work with a contractor in late August.

Things were looking up for us this month! I willed myself to feel better and stop vomiting (I was so sick of being sick!). We moved into the upstairs of our house, while the downstairs was being worked on. Our POD was delivered and we moved things upstairs or in the garage.
Daniel had about a week off of school due to the hurricane. Let me tell you, hurricane prep in a new city and new home is not fun. But, we worked together to prepare as best we could. We even put our heads together to make a family "hurricane preparedness" listing for next time.
Lots of work on the flooring of the house was done during this time. I tried to stay out of it as much as I could, being pregnant, so poor Daniel again had to be the strong one for us. By the end of the month, subfloor was patched, pine flooring was down, and stain and sealer went on. We stayed 2 nights in a local hotel while it dried.

Very early October, we were blessed with help from a long time friend who moved all furniture into the house. After everything we had shouldered already, it was such a gift and morale booster to have someone else over to help out. It really encouraged us to keep going. His sweet wife even stopped by with dinner. We then were able to move out of the upstairs and into our master suite! Praise Jesus!
All of our contractors finished their work on the house, along with plumbers to re-pipe the home. My mom visited for some girl time and baby shopping mid-month, and Daniel started coaching middle school girls basketball. His school had a family fall fun night, so that was special to get to go to.
By the end of the month, we started building our kitchen cabinets, to get going on having a fully running kitchen.

And that's about it so far! There are honestly a million little side stories, jokes, and moments along the way that would take forever to share. But, atleast you get the jist of these past few months. It's been a non-stop ride, but I'm trying to remember to just enjoy each second. Life has never felt fuller, but I'm just so happy to be doing this all with my best friend.

Stay tuned for more posts on house and baby!

I can't wait to share with you some of the projects we've been up to. Baby gender reveal, and how we shared the news with Daniel's school and students, kitchen design, painting, beadboard!, recipes, holiday ideas, nursery decor, and more!

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